3 Contributors

The EML project is an open source, community oriented project dedicated to providing a high-quality metadata specification for describing data relevant to diverse disciplines that involve observational research like ecology, earth, and environmental science. The specification is maintained by voluntary project members who donate their time and experience in order to advance information management for ecology. Project decisions are made by consensus of the current maintainers on the project.

We welcome contributions to this work in any form. Individuals who invest substantial amounts of time and make valuable contributions to the development and maintenance of EML (in the opinion of current project maintainers) will be invited to become EML project maintainers. Contributions can take many forms, including the development of the EML schemas, writing documentation, and helping with maintenance, among others.

Write access to the EML source code repository is reserved for EML project maintainers. Contributions should be submitted as pull requests, and will be reviewed and merged by an EML project member.

3.1 Current maintainers

Name Organization Email ORCID
Matthew Jones NCEAS, UCSB 0000-0003-0077-4738
Margaret O’Brien EDI, UCSB 0000-0002-1693-8322
Bryce Mecum NCEAS, UCSB 0000-0002-0381-3766
Carl Boettiger Berkeley 0000-0002-1642-628X
Mark Schildhauer NCEAS, UCSB 0000-0003-0632-7576
Mitchell Maier NCEAS, UCSB 0000-0001-6955-0535
Timothy Whiteaker 0000-0002-1940-4158
Stevan Earl LTER, ASU 0000-0002-4465-452X
Steven Chong NCEAS, UCSB 0000-0003-1264-1166

3.2 Past contributors

Name Organization Email
Chad Berkley NCEAS, UCSB
Chris Jones NCEAS, UCSB
Jivka Bojilova NCEAS, UCSB
James Brunt LTER, UNM
David Blankman LTER-Israel, Ma’arg
Owen Eddins LTER LNO, UNM
Daniel Higgens NCEAS, UCSB
Peter McCartney LTER CAP, ASU
Matthew Brooke NCEAS, UCSB
John Harris NCEAS, UCSB
Scott Chapal Jones Ecological Research Center
Tim Bergsma LTER KBS, MSU
Corinna Gries EDI, UW
Saurabh Garg NCEAS, UCSB
Mark Servilla EDI, UNM